Summer Reading 2020

In case you don’t follow the rest of my life on social media, the last few months have been light on reading. There’s the pandemic, and then my mask-making, which have taken over my usual prolific reading life.

On the positive end of things, SO many books have been available for the Kindle library app, that I have been drowning in good choices. The bright side.

As I do each year, I have listed here my favorites for the first six months of the year so you can easily find them to take to the beach (or to your home if you can’t get to the beach this year). The selections have garnered 4.5 stars or more. While usually I think they are good beach reads, this years top picks are overall rather depressing and deep. Nonetheless, they will engross you and get you thinking for sure.

I will post another list of those I am reading this summer – who knows if they are going to be good or not…happy summer, everyone!

Links to read my blog posts and/or buy each book are here:

No One Will Tell You This But Me
The Only Plane in the Sky
Outlaw Ocean
Such a Fun Age

Becoming Mrs. Lewis
In Five Years
Dear Edward
American Street
The 57 Bus
Mrs. Everything
The Rosie Result
If You Want to Make God Laugh

2019’s summer books are here.
2018’s summer books are here.
2017’s summer books are here.

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