The 57 Bus

YA is not my usual thing. However, I had received The 57 Bus by Dashka Slater as a gift and thought it was worth trying. It’s the true story of Sasha and Richard who both take the 57 bus home from school in Oakland, CA. Sasha is white and comes home from a private school along this route and Richard is black and comes home from the large public Oakland High. They are only on the bus together for eight minutes, but in that window, Richard sees Sasha in a skirt (Sasha was born a boy) and sets that skirt on fire. The story is told in short chapters from both sides of the story. Slater is a journalist and the book had a journalistic feeling and was a quick read. I enjoyed the book (I wasn’t familiar with the story beforehand) and would highly recommend it for adults and teens. It’s enlightening both about transgender issues as well as juvenile incarceration.

One thought on “The 57 Bus

  1. I really want to read this book but unfortunately it isn’t available at any of the local libraries. I actually read a LOT of YA (even though I read a lot of books written for adults too) but I’m just starting to give more non-fiction a chance. 🙂

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