What to Read this Summer 2019

Happy Memorial Day Weekend. Since it feels like summer, I thought I would post my annual list of summer picks. I choose these from those I have read in the previous six months that have garnered 4.5 stars or more. Any of these would be a great pick for the beach. I will post another list of those I am reading this summer – who know if they are going to be good or not…happy summer, everyone!

Links to read my blog posts and/or buy each book are here:
Save Me The Plums
The Gown
Beyond the Point
The Girl He Used to Know
The Resurrection of Joan Ashby
The Last Romantics
The Dreamers
Washington Black
The Possible World
Ready Player One
How to Walk Away

2018’s summer books are listed here.
2017’s summer books are listed here.

4 thoughts on “What to Read this Summer 2019

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