The Realm of Last Chances

71tnUVi3ydL._SL1500_Here’s another “Everyday I Write the Book” plug. Gayle Weiswasser’s blog in addition to being great, also often includes an online book club. She gets publishers to send out review copies and the group reads the book and then responds to Gayle’s blog post about the book. This time, the book was The Realm of Last Chances by Steve Yarbrough.  It was a quick read, but felt flat to me. Frankly, also, I am tired of reading books about people having affairs. There are so many other good topics to read about and this one is getting stale to me. I might have given up on this one, had I not been reading it for the book club. In addition, it didn’t take much time or effort to get through. Even the revelation at the end, though, didn’t make much of an impact on me. It’s too bad, but blah is the best descriptor I can give to this one.

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