Reconstructing Amelia

9780062225443_p0_v3_s260x420The first chapter of Reconstructing Amelia is just the kind I like – it grabs you and makes you keep reading. The format, changing chapter by chapter from Facebook post to journal to texting makes the book move along very quickly. This was a fascinating story that I read in only a few days. The premise (in the first chapter, so I am not spoiling anything) is that Kate, Amelia’s busy single mother, rushes to Amelia’s private school because Amelia has been accused of cheating. By the time Kate arrives at the school, Amelia has jumped off the school. Or has she? And, the rest of the book traces back to how this all happened. It’s a great read with good suspense and surprises. Girls can be so horrifying to each other. And so can grown-ups. Pick it up – it’s worth reading.

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