We Are Water

download (35)I will confess that I am one of Wally Lamb’s biggest fans. I adored his first books and eagerly awaited his next…for years…and years. Admittedly, I read She’s Come Undone and I Know This Much is True in my 20s when life was decidedly different than it is now, but still. So, I was excited to see what We Are Water was going to bring. But, I heard from a friend who is an avid reader and Wally Lamb fan, that it wasn’t as good and that she was disappointed in it. So, it has sat on my Kindle for a while, getting buried by newer books.

It took until more than halfway through We Are Water for me to stop thinking I would abandon ship. I didn’t like the characters or the story and it was SO SLOW. But, through the back half, I started cruising and began to really enjoy the book much more. The pedophilia was hard to take – very hard to take – but, it was integral to everything that happened in the story. And, as everything played out, it all began to make sense. Still, though, I found the book to be not as enjoyable as I remember his earliest books to be. Perhaps if my expectations had not been so high, I would have been happier with it. It was a gripping story and I would recommend it. But if you really want to read a great Wally Lamb book, choose She’s Come Undone.

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