The Virgin Cure

913igFzWWEL._SL1500_I had been steadily steaming through my “Want to Read” list until two days ago when the library notified me that a book I had put on hold was available. So, I took a pause to read a book I have had on my list for a few years, The Virgin Cure, by Ami McKay. What a treat. While the topic is depressing, it was a fascinating historical novel set in the late nineteenth century. What I loved most about this novel, I didn’t find out until the end – it was based on the author’s great-great-grandmother’s life. Moth (a crazy name for the unusual main character) rises from the dimmest of beginnings in this story – you are sure she will find a way to prevail. However, I could not have predicted how things would go for her. It was a quick read, easily consumed over the past two snow days and absolutely worth a read.

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