Those People

Those People by Louise Candlish was meh. The premise was interesting – a nightmare couple moves into a quiet block where neighbors know each other and close down the street each weekend to let kids run free. This couple runs a used car lot off their front lawn, erects scaffolding to do repairs themselves, destroys an exterior wall, all while playing loud music all the time. And, the quiet previous residents ask politely and finally lose it around this rude and selfish couple and their property-value destroying ways. People end up dead and theres’s a mystery to uncover. Each chapter begins with notes from a police inquisition from various neighbors and then the story works backwards chapter by chapter until the “incident” and then forwards again afterwards. I wanted to like this one, but everyone in the book was annoying and it was slow and a little dull. I only finished it to find out whodunit. I wouldn’t bother grabbing this one if I were you.

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