Things You Save in a Fire

I followed a story of one introvert (The Bookish Life of Nina Hill reviewed here) with another: Things You Save in a Fire by Katherine Center. This novel was on a bunch of lists this summer. I had read her previous book How to Walk Away (reviewed here) because I got it free for my Kindle. This is the tale of Cassie, one of a few female firefighters in Austin who moves to Massachusetts to help her mother (who left Cassie when Cassie was sixteen) after eye surgery. Cassie, like Nina Hill, has sworn off love after a traumatic experience. I wish I had not read these two similar stories one after the other. And, while at first, I thought the two stories were going to be redundant, once I got going with this one, I really enjoyed it (more than Nina Hill, in fact). Again, this is a summer romance more than anything and much of it is predictable, but if you are looking for a good, quick, enjoyable story, this is a great choice.

2 thoughts on “Things You Save in a Fire

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