Number One Chinese Restaurant

51Ui8A58ZFLThere’s been a lot of buzz about Number One Chinese Restaurant by Lillian Li. And, it takes place in DC, which I always love. It’s the story of a family’s restaurant and the mistakes made in ownership. This one started off well, but it didn’t gain traction for me. I didn’t really love the characters and the DC setting played no role in the story. Aside from a few brief locational references, there wasn’t any of the city in the book (and there was one reference to getting on the freeway!). So, as much as I wanted to like and be excited by this one, it fell flat for me.

5 thoughts on “Number One Chinese Restaurant

  1. Just to let you know how much I enjoy your reviews. You put me on to some excellent reads since Allison sent me your site. I am an avid follower, Lee Butera

    • Lee, thank you so much for your kind words. I am so glad people are enjoying the site. It’s really all about individual tastes, but I think there are a lot of busy people who can connect with my taste! 🙂

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