We Were the Lucky Ones

51nmDtClmOL._SY346_.jpgWe Were the Lucky Ones by Georgia Hunter, was the suggestion of my former colleague with all the good recommendations. While I said I would swear off WWII books this summer, I have to say, this was an amazing one – best book I have read in a long time. I dove right in and had a hard time not reading when there were other things to accomplish. This is the story of a Polish family and how they all fared throughout the war. Each story is interesting, they are easy to follow, and they weave together back and forth in a fascinating way. I thought about reading this book when I wasn’t reading it and was eager to find out what happened to each character. While the historical facts were hard to read (as they always are in WWII books), it was a surprise at the end to learn that the book was based on the author’s ancestor’s real history.

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