Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine

41dc5heESLL._SY346_.jpgI picked up Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine by Gail Honeyman on Reese Witherspoon’s #RWBookClub’s recommendation. It turns out that she is also producing the movie adaptation, but nevermind – I like all of her recommendations (and really everything about her, but I digress…). Eleanor Oliphant reminded me of Ove in A Man Called Ove. And the book felt very similar as well. Eleanor has had a difficult life (foster homes, incarcerated/horrible mother, lack of social skills, and a generally sad existence). Things change when she and a co-worker save an elderly man’s life. Watching Eleanor struggle, change, and grow, is a delight. And Honeyman’s writing style is the perfect accompaniment to the story. I really enjoyed it – it’s a great choice for the summer.

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