The Danish Girl

61dqlmv04flThe Danish Girl by David Ebershoff was loaned to me many months ago and I kept putting it aside in favor of library books. It is the story (as many know from the movie of last year) of Danish artist, Einar Wegener, and his wife, Greta, also an artist. One day Greta, missing her opera singer subject for the day, asks Einar to stand in by wearing some of the singer’s clothes. He discovers a personality, who he names Lili, hidden inside. The book chronicles how Lili increasingly takes over Einar and Greta’s life and how, finally, Einar has surgery to become Lili completely. This was a fascinating story, but one I had trouble understanding to some degree. Greta, setting the transformation into motion, seems entirely fine with her husband becoming a woman and then them ultimately splitting. I would have liked more detail from Greta’s point of view. I look forward to seeing the movie adaptation of this interesting based-on-a-true-story novel.

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