The Reluctant Fundamentalist

816s4yblknlThe Reluctant Fundamentalist was chosen for a new book club I am in. And, being an older selection, it was readily available at the library. I very much enjoyed the book at first (I was completely drawn in while waiting in line at Rose’s Luxury). However, mid-way through, it lost my interest a little bit. I felt left adrift with the story and its outcome. The tale is really a story within a story. Changez tells the tale of his life in America (a successful stint at Princeton followed by a sought-after job in NYC and his romance with a woman who is impossible to have a relationship with since she is still in love with a boyfriend who has died) to a stranger in a cafe. His voice shifts back and forth from telling the story to directly addressing the stranger. It is unnerving at times, but makes you feel like you are right there in the book. So, in all, I enjoyed the book, but less so toward the end than I did at the outset.

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