the book that matters most

51r93vd9klthe book that matters most by Ann Hood, was an absolute delight and one that I almost read in a day – it was that good. Ava’s husband has left her and she is at loose ends until she is invited to join a friend’s book club. This year, the book club’s theme is “the book that matters most to you.” Running alongside this primary story is the story of Ava’s daughter Maggie, who unbeknownst to her family, has dropped out of her junior-year-abroad program and fallen into a messy situation in Paris. Also, every now and again, we read about Hank Bingham, the police detective who is still trying to solve the case of Ava’s sister who died when they were children (those chapters could have been skipped, if you ask me, as they really only played into the story toward the end). This was absolutely worth a read, particularly for a book club.

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