Bertrand Court

419ejoghkslI was lucky enough to receive a copy of Bertrand Court by Michelle Brafman by my favorite book blogger, Gayle Weisswasser, of Everyday I Write the Book. It was part of a giveaway by Prospect Park Books for the EDIWTB online book club. The premise is 14 intertwined stories about neighbors/family members in the DC area. I must start by saying that I don’t really like short stories. I feel like just when I get into the characters and plot, the story is over. However, the idea that these stories were linked made it more appealing. I liked Bertrand Court, but I didn’t love it. There were too many characters and I kept forgetting how each was linked. Also, the times kept jumping around and with flashbacks within many of the stories, I couldn’t keep track of what was what and who was who. I wasn’t with each character/storyline long enough to be able to figure out how the next one intertwined. And, in the end, at the last story, I felt let-down because of the major plot twist that left you hanging. So, overall, while the idea of Bertrand Court was appealing, I think the author would have been better served by lingering with each character and storyline longer and by not using the short story format. I’ll be curious what other book club members thought of this one.

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