We Were Liars

91aw5lvAVlL._SL1500_We Were Liars was a disappointment. While it was a good and fast read, it just didn’t live up to all the hype. I am not into YA as a rule (with the exception of Wonder, The Hunger Games, and The Fault in Our Stars), but so many people had talked to me about how controversial and good it was, that I gave it a try. The premise is that a teenage girl and her wealthy family who summer on a private island off Martha’s Vineyard have some kind of tragedy which has given the girl migraines and amnesia for the event and the summer when it happened. She goes back to the island after two years away and reconstructs the event. I get that there are surprises, and the teenage voice was certainly authentic, but I was never really hooked and wasn’t blown away.
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