All You Could Ask For

71HatwswN9L._SL1500_Run out immediately and buy this book. I write this as tears roll down my cheeks – it was that moving and that good. It was so simple and at the same time so wonderful. It is remarkable to me that All You Could Ask For was written by a man. The whole book was about women and breast cancer, and yet, it was all written by Mike Greenberg who is known for his ESPN show, “Mike & Mike in the Morning.” I kept looking back at the cover to be sure. He really nailed it. It reminded me of She’s Come Undone where Wally Lamb really got it too and caught the voice and perspective perfectly (I really should read that again – it is one of my all-time favorites). I could nitpick about a few things that bothered me as I read, but I won’t because there is no need. After reading the final chapter explaining his inspiration, I loved the book even more. What a wonderful tribute to what must have been an amazing woman. All of us will be better off by having read this one.
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