Life After Life

download (1)This book had a unique premise – to have the character continually die and then be reborn on the following page with a changed fate and plan. It was inventive and interesting, for sure, but for most of it, not my cup of tea. I had to keep going back to look at the date at the beginning of the chapter to see where and when we were which made it very disjointed, particularly on the Kindle. It might have been more pleasurable in print since you could flip around more easily and keep track of the dates. That being said, I did want to find out what happened to Ursula and her family and I can see why this is a hot read and on lots of “Best of 2013” lists. For me, however, it wasn’t a top choice.

2 thoughts on “Life After Life

  1. I was going to check in with you on this one so I was glad to see this post. I am listening to this book on Audible, and am enjoying it immensely. I was wondering what it was like to read so I bought it for the Kindle. Now that I have listened to it, though, I think I’ll be hearing the reader as I go through.

    Thanks for the post!

    • Katherine, I am so glad to hear it was good on Audible. I had such high hopes. May have to try it again in another format. It was such an interesting idea for a story and I liked the characters. Just too much for a busy girl to follow!

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