Eat and Flourish: How Food Supports Emotional Well-Being 

Two five star books in one day? Crazy! Eat and Flourish was written by a friend, Mary Beth Albright, who works at the Washington Post. I was excited to read the book and captivated by the ideas therein when I heard her speak about the book at Politics and Prose. I immediately began adding kombucha and greek yogurt to my daily regimen. I finally got around to actually reading the book and, no surprise, it was a wonderful read. Amazon: “Food has power to nourish your mind, supporting emotional wellness through both nutrients and pleasure. In this groundbreaking book, journalist Mary Beth Albright draws on cutting-edge research to explain the food/mood connection. She redefines “emotional eating” based on the science, revealing how eating triggers biological responses that affect humans’ emotional states both immediately and long-term. Albright’s accessible voice and ability to interpret complex studies from the new field of nutritional psychology, combined with straightforward suggestions for what to eat and how to eat it, make this an indispensable guide. Listeners will come away knowing how certain foods help reduce the inflammation that can harm mental health, the critical relationship between the microbiome and the brain, which vitamins help restore the body during intensely emotional times, and how to develop a healthful eating pattern for life—with 30-day kickoff plan included. Eat and Flourish is the entertaining, inspiring book for today’s world.” While the whole book was wonderful, easy to read, filled with interesting and digestible (ha!) information, it also just spoke through the author’s voice. My favorite part was the parentheticals where I could just hear Mary Beth. A true delight. I can’t wait to try the recipes!!

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