Summer Reading Review 2022

Happy Labor Day – the weekend I publish my summer reading reviews. This summer, I held myself mostly accountable to my summer reading list (published here). I kept a printout of the covers above my desk for reference and checked off each as I completed it. For the first time, I abandoned one, and never read one of them at all – rereading about it made me just not want to pick it up at all.

So, now for the overall reviews and recommendations from those I had chosen for the summer:

The Magnolia Palace – 4.5 stars
The Ones We Keep – 4.5 stars
Book Lovers – 4 stars
This Time Tomorrow – 4 stars
Like a House on Fire – 3.5 stars
The Love of my Life – 3 stars
Unlikely Animals – 3 stars
The Dictionary of Lost Words – 3 stars
Sea of Tranquility – Abandoned
A Novel Obsession – Never Picked Up

I also read a bunch of books “off the list” and the only 5-star choice was:

Lessons in Chemistry

I’m always in need of good recommendations, so if you read anything amazing this summer, let me know! Happy school year!

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