OK, I will admit that this last full book of 2021 was a complete cheat. Abby Wambach’s kids book, Wolfpack was basically a pamphlet. But, it was a good little read and one that would make a nice Oh the Places You’ll Go-type of inspirational gift for kids moving onto middle school, high school, etc. I do love Abby Wambach and have obsessively followed her and Glennon Doyle’s story, so it wasn’t that much of a stretch to grab this one. And, I liked it, but it wasn’t too challenging. Amazon: “From rising young star to co-captain of the 2015 Women’s World Cup Champion team, Abby Wambach’s impressive career has shown her what it truly means to be a champion. Whether you’re leading from the bench or demanding the ball on the field, real success comes when you harness your inner strength, forge your own path, and band together with your team. Updated with stories that trace her journey from youth soccer to the hall of fame, this young readers adaptation of Abby’s instant bestseller Wolfpack is for the next generation of wolves ready to change the game.”

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