Necessary People

I’m not sure how Necessary People by Anna Pitoniak ended up on my list, but it was on there for a while and then on Kindle sale. So, even though I had a hefty set of new titles to finish before the end of the summer, I picked this one up. I haven’t read many thrillers this summer, so it was a change of pace. This wasn’t as much of a thriller as I expected. But, it had some good twists and even though I didn’t really like the characters, the story was good. Amazon says: “Stella and Violet are best friends, and from the moment they met in college, they knew their roles. Beautiful, privileged, and reckless Stella lives in the spotlight. Hardworking, laser-focused Violet stays behind the scenes, always ready to clean up the mess that Stella inevitably leaves in her wake….Stella might be the one with the rich family and the right friends, but Violet isn’t giving up so easily. As she and Stella strive for success, each reveals just how far she’ll go to get what she wants — even if it means destroying the other person along the way. Beach read? Yes.

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