To Obama, with Love, Joy, Anger, and Hope

I didn’t think it was possible for me to love President Obama more than I already did, but after reading To Obama, with Love, Joy, Anger, and Hope by Jeanne Marie Laskas, I fell deeper in love all over again. The thoughtfulness, humanity, and overall care he took with every part of his job and just being is remarkable. I had no idea that over his presidency, he read 10 letters every night. The book highlights those letters and the stories of the people who wrote them and also teaches about the Office of Presidential Correspondence. It is a fascinating book about a wonderful man. It makes me even more despondent (is that even possible?!) about the current state of our country.

“…he’s exactly who I hoped he was when I voted for him. He made me feel like someone was steering the ship. That, if we just hung on, we’d be OK. It was like, we’ve got somebody at the top who cares. And that matters for something.” (p. 315)

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