Red Dress in Black and White

Red Dress in Black & White by Elliot Ackerman ended up on my TBR list somehow and then was also recommended by a friend. It all takes place in one day with flashbacks to earlier times. It’s the story of an American expat living in Istanbul who seeks to take her son and leave her husband. I slogged through this one until about the last quarter. The pace picked up and the story became much more interesting. On the whole, however, even with the better last quarter, I don’t recommend this one. I didn’t like the characters and didn’t really care about what happened to them.

2 thoughts on “Red Dress in Black and White

  1. I really didn’t get the hype for his previous novel ‘Waiting for Eden,’ so I’ll probably do myself a favor and skip this one too. ‘Waiting for Eden’ had a similar problem with not being able to give a crap about the characters. 😛

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