Me and White Supremacy

I didn’t realize when I grabbed Me and White Supremacy by Layla Saad that it is a workbook, designed almost as a course to help you understand systemic racism and your own biases. Since I listened to it on a long drive, I wasn’t able to participate in the journalling, but everything about this book was food for thought and would be perfect for a group to read and work through together. My kids and I listened to Me and White Supremacy and it gave us opportunity to have some deeper discussions as a family. The book is based on a viral Instagram challenge that asks readers/listeners to: examine their own white privilege; understand what allyship really means; learn about anti-blackness, racial stereotypes, and cultural appropriation; change the way they view and respond to race; and continue the work to create social change. In essence the book gives you the language to understand racism, and to dismantle your own biases. I would think it would be a great book to use anywhere to lead discussion and promote change.

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