The Antidote for Everything

The Antidote for Everything by Kimmery Martin was a nice diversion. It moves quickly (though about 50% through it got a little dull, but then picked up again) and is mostly about Georgia’s relationship with her best friend, a gay doctor who is fired from the clinic where they work. The question is: is he fired because he’s gay, because he treats transgendered patients, or because he’s stealing drugs from the clinic. In between this story is the romance Georgia has started with a man she saved from dying on an airplane. I would have liked a deeper dive into the romance than the book gave, but overall, this was a good choice. I’d grab it if you are looking for something to take your mind off the state of the world.

One thought on “The Antidote for Everything

  1. I really like this book’s cover art, I never got a good look at it before but it’s very striking. The story sounds really interesting too, and luckily I’m not a big fan of books that focus on romantic relationships! It sounds like in this case they might have forced the love story elements in here, though. :/

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