When I Was White

When I Was White is an interesting memoir by Sarah Valentine who believed she was the child of two white parents until she was 27 when her mother told her that the man she had known as her father was not her father. Sarah questions her race her whole life, and it is not until she is an adult that she learns the truth. I really enjoyed this book until about the last third, where I felt the story floundered. While the author herself was floundering, I felt that the whole truth about her father was never fully fleshed out. I found it hard to believe that she went as long as she did without probing further and demanding answers, since she had been aggressive with her mother earlier in her life. It didn’t ring true (though it must be since this was a memoir). I would still recommend this read, as I enjoyed it, but I liked the first two thirds so much that I found that last bit a disappointment by comparison.

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