the night olivia fell

Another day, another thriller/mystery. the night olivia fell by Christina McDonald was the last in the December line of thrillers, I think. Everything else on my nightstand from the library is lower-key. In this one, we begin with Olivia falling off a bridge into an icy river. She is kept alive because she is, shockingly, pregnant. Her single mother, Ali, who has kept secrets for Olivia’s entire seventeen-year life, makes it her mission to find out what happened to Olivia that night while she keeps vigil over the hospital bed where Olivia is kept alive so her baby can come to term. Alternate chapters are told from Olivia (before death) and Ali’s points of view both before and after her fall. This was a well-developed story that kept you guessing all the way through. I kept thinking I had it solved, only to find out I didn’t. I really couldn’t figure it out until the end – this is the way a thriller should be. Indeed, I enjoyed this one more than most of the others I read this month.

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