The Real Michael Swann

I picked up The Real Michael Swann because of the Everyday I Write the Book book club. Other books kept rising to the top of my library list either because they were newer or on short-term loan. So, I had this book for three check-out cycles and it was finally time to pick it up! The story is told from the point of view of Michael Swann’s wife and alternatively of Michael Swann. The wife gets a call from her husband that he is going to be delayed on his train trip home. This call is dropped and she fears the worst, only to find out that Penn Station, from where he made the call, has been bombed. Alternating chapters tell the story of wounded Michael Swann trying to figure out what has happened and find his way home. I read it in two hours – it was that thrilling. I had suspicions along the way of the conclusion, but I was wrong. I like a good thriller and this one didn’t disappoint. Definitely worth picking up.

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