The Dutch House

I have mixed feelings about Ann Patchett. I loved Bel Canto, but I haven’t enjoyed her other books as much (though to be fair, I have not read her entire canon). I didn’t like Commonwealth at all (review here). And, frankly, I can’t remember State of Wonder to know if I liked it or not (my reading of it preceded my blog). The Dutch House was good, but not amazing. While it is sort of the story of the house where the main characters grow up, it’s really the story of Danny and his relationships. Danny’s father came into money through smart real estate investments and purchased a famous home, The Dutch House, with all the original owners’ belongings in the house. He did this without consulting his wife. Shortly thereafter, she left him and their children. Danny and his sister’s story really picks up there. While, overall, the story was engaging, it lacked depth and left me a bit cold.

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