after the end

after the end by Clara Mackintosh was a creative and hopeful story, even though, at its core, it was very sad. Two-year-old Dylan has a brain tumor that has been operated on, but his prognosis is not good. His parents, Pip and Max, are not in agreement about next steps. Without giving away what happens, after the end, we follow different paths of what could have happened in Max and Pip’s lives. The story is told from three perspectives, Max’s, Pip’s, and Dylan’s doctors. The doctor’s perspective was fleshed out least, and, if I could change anything about this story, that’s what I would have altered. In addition, I found it somewhat challenging to keep track of which storyline I was reading, even though the year was at the start of the chapter. Overall, however, even though my family could not understand why I would voluntarily read a novel about a child with a brain tumor, it was a wonderful story and well-told.

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