You Me Everything

You Me Everything (why no punctuation?) by Catherine Isaac is a pleasant, quick read with a somewhat predictable ending. However, even though you could suspect how it was going to end, it didn’t make the story less enjoyable. While the subject matter has a depressing overlay, overall, there’s hope. Jess and her 10-year-old William head to France to spend time with William’s father (who Jess broke up with several months after William’s birth). Jess is reluctant to take this trip because her mother is in a care home, suffering from Huntington’s disease. Throughout the story we get glimpses into why Jess is in her current state and why it’s hard for her to take this vacation. There are some elements of the story that are a little annoying — her friendships aren’t fleshed out very well and there are characters that seem unnecessary — but for the most part, this was a nice diversion and would make good escapist or beach reading (and it’s only $5.49 for the Kindle version).

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