The Need

I grabbed The Need by Helen Phillips off the “quick read, can’t renew” shelf at the library. I read about it somewhere and thought I’d give it a try (if only I had looked at my trusty Amazon first – it only has garnered 3.5 stars there – always a sign that the book should be skipped). It’s a slim novel, easy to read, and the cover is terrific. However, I didn’t enjoy it at all. It’s first told in alternating chapters, one at work and one at home, in the life of Molly, a paleobotonist. I appreciated this review, “This book started off with a BANG! for me. As I was reading, I wondered why it had not been receiving very many good reviews. Then, I got deeper into the book. Mystery solved.” Ha. And I will waste no more of your time reviewing this one. Skip it.

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