Lost and Wanted

I did not much care for Lost and Wanted by Nell Freudenberger (and annoyingly, I didn’t check on Amazon, as I usually do, to rule it out – books with fewer than four stars NEVER make the cut). I think if you had gone to Harvard and could have related more to the names and places referenced in the book OR if you are really into physics, you might like it better than I did. It’s the story of a friendship between two Harvard students in the 90s, weaving back and forth from the present, where one of the friends has died, to their time together in college. Not only was the book a bit long, slow, and draggy for my taste, but there were parts left out that I wanted to know more about. I really wanted to enjoy it more than I did, there were some parts where the writing really annoyed me (using the same sentence structure over and over in one paragraph, for example), and I wasn’t sorry when I finished the last page (though I did make it to the end to find out what happened).

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