The Clock Dance

51B1267m8pL._SY346_Clock Dance was another summer disappointment. I used to love Anne Tyler, and fondly remember reading her early works. This quiet story, however, didn’t do it for me. The only thing I liked about the book was the last paragraph where there was finally hope for the main character. She was so depressing otherwise (which was the point, of course). Willa answered the call of the neighbor of her son’s ex-girlfriend. The ex had been accidentally shot and was in the hospital, so Willa flew out to Baltimore to take care of the ex’s daughter even though the daughter was not Willa’s granddaughter. There’s not much to the story and it’s not poorly told, it’s just listless and a bit boring. I’d give this one a skip if I were you. Hopefully, my next read will be more enjoyable.

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