The Female Persuasion

51Sszig864LAfter having abandoned Everything Here is Beautiful halfway through (I just couldn’t get into it), I pushed through on Meg Wolitzer’s The Female Persuasion even though I didn’t like The Interestings (and can’t even find my blog post about it, which means I must have abandoned it). The Female Persuasion focuses on protagonist Greer’s crush on famous feminist, Faith Frank. It takes place during Greer’s college years and then her 20’s. However, the book is also told by others’ points of view and jumps around a bit. The story was interesting and had some good twists and turns, but overall, I forced myself to finish and wish I hadn’t picked it up in the first place. Hoping that my next choice, Kristin Hannah’s new one, The Great Alone, is going to be great. Anyone read it?

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