Now That You Mention It

51BzdE1LbtLI haven’t read any of Kristan Higgins’ other books and I don’t think I will. I read about Now That You Mention It in an Indie bookseller’s publication, and it sounded interesting. However, while the story was good, it was a beach read at best (I will admit that the constant references to Tufts did keep me more amused than others might have been). Nora is a successful gastroenterologist, living a good life in Boston when she heads out for pizza and is hit by a van. She recovers on the Maine island where she grew up, makes new friends, and finds new romance. Yep. That kind of book. Predictable, cheesy, yet somewhat satisfying. The writing wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t too great either. Unless you are looking for something mindless and saccharine, I’d give this one a pass.

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