Maybe in Another Life

51YAHchg0ML._SY346_.jpgIf you like Sliding Doors, you will like Maybe in Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid. At twenty-nine, Hannah has no idea what to do next in her life. She has moved all over the country and doesn’t know what to do or how to move forward. So, she escapes to LA where her best friend lives and where she lived for her high school years. Soon after arriving, she and her friend head out to connect with high school friends and Hannah’s old love, Ethan. And, at the end of the night, her story breaks into two. In one story, she heads home at the end of the evening with her best friend, is hit by a car, and ends up in the hospital. In the alternate story, she goes home with Ethan and life carries on with interesting consequences. Each alternating chapter brings you to one or the other storyline. This story is nothing deep, but was a nice read at a time of year when I am looking for light and fluffy. It would make for a fabulous beach read.

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