East West

51EabNcd5dL._SY346_Exit West by Mohsin Hamid has been on more lists than I can count lately. And, while I read the description and thought, “that’s not for me,” I was finally convinced by the NYT’s 10 Best Books of the Year List that I should try it. After all, if Pachinko (reviewed here) was on it, I should reconsider. As an aside, I have also added The Power by Naomi Alderman to my TBR list based on the NYT List. Has anyone read it already and liked it? Exit West was good, but not great for me. I liked the omniscient voice and the central story of Nadia and Saeed falling in love and ultimately having to flee their country of origin (in an unorthodox and fantastical way), but the little side stories didn’t fit in and took away from my full enjoyment of the story. Ultimately, the writing was beautiful, but the story went in too many directions.


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