Watch Me Disappear

5152tI6AWoLWatch Me Disappear, by Janelle Brown, began as a somewhat satisfying way to spend a few hours. But as the book wore on, I became increasingly annoyed with the mother character, and I figured out the plot line before the mystery was uncovered. A year earlier, Billie Flanagan (a mom in Berkeley, CA), disappeared on a wilderness hike, and her body was never found. Billie’s daughter, Olive, begins to have weird hallucinations of her mother and believes that she must still be alive. And, while at first, her father doesn’t believe her, he too starts to doubt Billie’s death. As he and Olive delve into Billie’s past, they realize that they didn’t really know who she was at all. This story didn’t feel too original and wasn’t a favorite. The meh streak continues….

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