Hello, Sunshine

515tgDMkSOL._SY346_.jpgHello Sunshine, by Laura Dave, was not a recent favorite. Even though I finished it, I wished I had given the book a pass. Hilariously, the post I wrote about her previous book, Eight Hundred Grapes, could have been the post for this book too. So I will quote myself: “I don’t usually say this, but I didn’t enjoy Eight Hundred Grapes by Laura Dave. It wasn’t believable to me and the characters were too shallow. You knew right from the beginning what was going to happen and the story just felt meh to me. In fact, even writing about it feels meh. Too bad, because the premise had potential: [celebrity chef, Sunshine Mackenzie seems to have it all, and then she gets hacked and all her secrets are revealed to the world. As she falls from grace, her whole life gains perspective, shifts, and becomes more real] and she discovers what’s important in life. I’d give this one a pass if I were you…” Ha. Saved myself some time by copying and pasting that one! I’m not going to be grabbing any more of Laura Dave’s books, I’m afraid.

2 thoughts on “Hello, Sunshine

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