The Sunshine Sisters

51nk3AWr0IL.jpgFor the last read of the Summer of 2017, I chose Jane Green’s The Sunshine Sisters. Ronni Sunshine was a terrible mother – disinterested and narcissistic – while pursuing her own acting career. Not only did it drive her daughters away from her, but it also distanced them from each other. But, she is dying, and she pulls the three girls back together one last time so they can assist her. Each of the girls has reasons to leave her messy life and the week that they come home to help their mother changes all of their lives. This was a delightful, breezy read, perfect for the beach and the end of summer. It’s worth a read if you know what you are in for – nothing heavy and a happy ending. Disappointingly, I didn’t ever read the ONE classic I had on my list this year: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. That’s next: perhaps appropriate for the start of the school year and a little less fluffy than my summer options were.

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