I Found You

512yU51BPBLLooking for an absorbing and quick, fluffy summer read? I Found You by Lisa Jewell is it. I read it in an evening (stayed up too late to do so) not only because it was a good story, but also because I couldn’t put it down. Alice finds a man sitting on the beach in front of her home who has no idea who he is. Somewhat unbelievably (though you are led to understand that Alice’s entire life has been constructed on bad decisions), she invites him to live in her renter’s quarters until he figures out who he is. Simultaneously, and told in about every other chapter, you learn the story of newlywed, Lily, whose husband has gone missing. Peppered between these two stories is a flashback to the early 90s when teenage siblings, Gray and Kirsty Ross, spent their summer vacation in a seaside town. So, mysteries abound in this one. And, I kept thinking the man, dubbed Frank, was one or the other of the main characters in the teenage story. It’s not too hard to figure this one out, but I didn’t until the end. And, I enjoyed every minute of it.

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