Everything You Want Me to Be

51hLDe16ujLEverything You Want Me to Be by Minda Mejia was billed as an “if you loved Gone Girl, you’ll be up at night reading this one” type. I did not find that to be entirely true. While this was somewhat suspenseful and a fast read, I didn’t find it particularly believable and I’m a bit tired of the teacher-affair-with-student angle. Nevertheless, this wasn’t a bad summer pick and a decent not-too-deep-or-taxing psychological thriller. Hattie has spent her whole life acting a part. She is found stabbed to death at the beginning of the book and the rest of the story jumps from her point of view, the investigator’s, and the teacher with whom she has an online and then in person affair. Ultimately, who is to blame for Hattie’s death?? Perhaps you, like me, will want to read the whole thing to find out.

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