The Confusion of Languages

51lBlxNIx3L._SY346_The Confusion of Languages by Siobhan Fallon grabs you from the first page. It’s the story of two women who are thrown together because they are both living in Jordan with their husbands who work for the US Embassy. When Margaret asks Cassie to watch her son one day while she goes to the police station to file a report about her car accident, we spend the day with Cassie. Cassie reminisces about her time with her unlikely friend, and also reads through her journal to learn the motivations behind Margaret’s marriage and behaviors. I lost interest in these characters and the story (other than figuring out the resolution) about mid-way through and struggled to finish it. Perhaps it was the way the story was told (alternating chapters with Margaret alone in the apartment, dissecting the past and Cassie’s journal) or perhaps it was just the characters themselves. In either event, this was a skip-worthy choice, unfortunately.

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