The Orphan’s Tale

51o5CUlC70L._SY346_The Orphan’s Tale by Pam Jenoff came highly recommended from multiple sources. And, it didn’t disappoint. I have read my fair share of Holocaust/WW II books, and, while this one was certainly sad, it didn’t carry the same weight as most of the others. We begin with Noa, who has been exiled by her parents because she has become pregnant by a Nazi. The home for girls where gives birth takes the baby from her. She leaves and finds shelter in a train station, where she comes upon a railcar full of babies, presumably stolen from their parents by the Nazis. She makes off with a baby, flees the train station and ends up becoming part of a traveling circus. As we learn about Noa’s life, we also encounter Astrid, a former circus aerialist. Astrid had married a Nazi but was forced to divorce him because she was Jewish. After fleeing Berlin, she returned home, only to find her home emptied and her family missing. But, the competing circus was still in place and she was able to join their ranks. It is here where she and Noa meet one another, train together, and survive with the stolen baby. This book moved along at a quick pace, and while moments might have required some suspension of disbelief, overall, it was quite a story and well worth reading.

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