The Night Road

51x0uszPb-LI found The Night Road in my Little Free Library. Since The Nightingale is one of my all-time favorite recent reads, I thought I would give Kristen Hannah another try. While The Night Road moved at a good clip and the story was interesting, it wasn’t nearly as good as The Nightingale (to be fair, an almost impossibly high bar). We begin the story with Lexi moving in with her great-aunt after living most of her life in foster homes. On Lexi’s first day at her new school, she meets Mia who has no friends and can’t connect with her classmates despite having a happy home life and wonderful twin brother, Zach. Lexi and Mia become the closest of friends and Lexi becomes ensconced in the family’s life. Senior year brings trouble to the idyllic situation as Zach and Lexi fall in love, hoping that the rest of their lives won’t be upset. Of course, feelings are hurt, bad decisions are made and things fall apart. The Night Road felt like a young adult novel for the first 2/3rds. The beginning was a little predictable and too shallow. The last 1/3, however, changed my opinion of the whole book. In fact, it took my rating from a 3.5 to a 4. So, while I originally said I’d skip it in favor of trying some other Hannah options, upon finishing, I would say it’s worth picking up. Fair warning, Hannah has a way with prose that makes a reader cry.

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