Never Let You Go

51wVNa6an1LNever Let You Go is the newest by Chevy Stevens (Still Missing, Those Girls and That Night). Reading Stevens is a guilty pleasure – fast-paced, interesting plots that keep you on the edge of your seat. This one, however, I didn’t like as much as her others. Not only did the domestic violence bother me (too much like what I didn’t enjoy in Big Little Lies), but I too easily figured out the major plot twist and then just had to suffer through the rest of the story – it was too predictable. Lindsey escapes from her abusive husband with her daughter, Sophie, eleven years earlier. The night of her escape, her husband goes to prison for killing a woman while driving drunk. Present day, Lindsey has reinvented her life while Andrew has changed in prison. Suddenly, though, after his release, she fears he is stalking her and all her old fears come rushing back. One by one, you doubt all the characters in the book. The premise was a good one, and the tension was certainly real, but in the end, this one just didn’t hold up to her previous thrillers. I’d give it a miss.

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