Born to Run

81MMUem3ltLWhile I like Bruce Springsteen, I wouldn’t say I am a superfan or anything. But, I read that his recently published autobiography, Born to Run, was worth a read and I decided to take it on. I had low expectations, not because he’s not an interesting guy, but I wasn’t expecting him to be a particularly good narrator – I didn’t think that’s where his genius would lie. And, while I would say it was not the most well-written piece, it was certainly compelling and I read the rather long volume in fairly short order. My only complaints are that it could have been pared down significantly (a good editor would have helped), there could have been less detail about each and every song release, and could have been more about his personal life as an adult. I felt there was a lot of detail about his early home life, and then not much in the 70s and 80s. It would have been more interesting for me if those details had been in there. If you are a big Bruce fan, I would pick this one up. If not, I would give it a skip.

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